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The Grove Luxury Dog Boarding
Burton Road, Whittington Hurst
Staffordshire WS13 8QN
Phone 01543 433114

Luxury Kennels Suites

Because our philosophy is to create as much of your dog's home environment as possible, we have created rooms which are big and bright, with plenty of space for even the largest dogs to bound around in.

All suites are large and peaceful, where our guests can daydream about the games they've played, without being disturbed. They are still a part of everything that goes on here, but in a quiet, happy and interested way.

We have 4 Emperor Suites and 32 Deluxe Suites for you to choose from:

Deluxe Suites

Our Deluxe Suites are THREE times larger than is usual for kennels.

Deluxe Suites:

Bedroom: 8ft x 8ft (2.5m x 2.5m)
Playroom: 10ft x 8ft (3.0m x 2.5m)


What 'luxury for dogs' means here

All our suites are luxury in terms of space, amount of light and underfloor heating, beds and comfort items. The biggest luxury of all is the feeling of calm, quiet, safeness and fun here.

Dogs relax on our super plump dog beds in our luxury boarding kennels in StaffordshireRelax in extra deep, comfy beds & rugs

We provide large comfy raised beds that are deeply comfortable, and use ortho-support technology that correctly supports your dog as they sleep or relax on it.

We also have soft rugs which are great for rolling around on, cuddles, and play.

Our beds and rugs are eco-friendly, 100% washable, have a sustainable lifecycle and are made in the UK. They provide great protection as they are anti-bacterial, anti-dust mite and are anti-fungal.

You are also very welcome to bring your dog's own beds from home. Our luxury dog suites have the space for several beds and rugs!


Light, interest and a feeling of safety

An integral part of the welfare aspect built into our design was to include glass doors in both the bedroom and playroom entrances. This isn't just about light and providing another view for the dogs, it's also about providing them with a feeling of safety and security and therefore, of course, calmness.

  • Dogs can see and hear everything that is going on, without feeling the need to protect or defend themselves - and calm interest is the result.

  • Providing a full height (human) door between the bedroom and playroom (rather than just the usual hatch or dog door) has innumerable welfare benefits for our guests.

    Primarily, it means our rooms really do feel like rooms, which is naturally what dogs are used to at home - it feels familiar and comfortable.

    It also affects the atmosphere, mood and demeanour of humans (both ourselves and visitors). We feel relaxed, so the dogs feel relaxed - and we all know how dogs immediately sense and know our state of mind. Sounds so simple, and it is - but it works like a dream. It is only when you visit The Grove for yourself that you will grasp this fully - so do come and experience the atmosphere!

  • It also means we humans can easily move between each dogs' bedroom and playroom to cuddle, care for, groom and play with our guests in both areas at the same time, without restriction, and of course check on everything. Because we utilise all the space available - it's all more exercise and time spent well; i.e, one-to-one with the dogs.

William relaxing on his raised bed

Gentle, even warmth

If you've ever seen your pets lying in the warm, sunny spot on the floor at home you will already know just how delicious this feeling is to dogs.

Just as in our homes, underfloor heating is hidden, meaning no floor and wall space is taken up with radiators or heated panels - all the more room for beds, bowls, toys and chairs.

For elderly dogs the comfort this even, gentle heat brings has even more benefits than just the joy of warmth.

There are also cooler areas, as it's important to give dogs the freedom of choice to decide where they feel most comfortable.

Dogs playing in our luxury dog hotel suites in Staffordshire

Comfort and home-like items

We have the staff, time and space here to take care of all your dog's belongings, their favourite bed (some guests bring along their own armchairs!) and every single toy they own if you want to bring them.

Comfort items from home are a must as far as we're concerned.

Every thing we can do together to make your dog comfortable, happy and settled with us, we wholeheartedly encourage - because it works so well.

Soothing music is played and for dogs that enjoy watching television we have the option of TV in our Emperor Suites!

William watching tv

We would love you to come and see just how big and bright our suites are for yourself.

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